Noslar working closely with BlackMagic on their new Fairlight audio systems

From advance acoustical calibration to sound reinforcement, Noslar is the premiere Houston solution for audio system installation and design.


Sd, sd-hdi, hdmi, dvi, vga, component y/c composite to streaming are just a few of the methods we provide.

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Some data solutions we can offer you are, data systems, cloud storage and structural analysis. 


From the old pot’s lines, voice over ip and web based systems, Noslar has a solution for everybody.

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device integration with Noslar

We can handle your cabling, standard data, secured ip and wireless network needs.


A few types we can handle are codec based, ip based, web based to pirate communications.

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We test the system/s via real world applications and modes of operation

Some methods we can use are uplinks, satellite, microware, antenna towers to broadcast


A few options we’ve worked with are Cabling, close circuit monitoring, security, matv, plant based tv.

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RF Systems

Noslar TI improves chains of operations with expert network installations. Cross country connections integrated seamlessly with your existing installation.

Looking for an RF solution? Well we offer services like cabling, rf networks, re-modulation, distribution

Access Control

offices are better by noslar

A few options we work with are, Analog and ip based full systems access control and monitoring


Some interface options we can prepare for you are, AMX – Creston – BiAmp – BSS – App – IPad.

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Managed Systems

offices are better by noslar

We can also provide onsite and off-site systems operations and control