Audio: From advance acoustical calibration to sound reinforcement.

Video: sd sd-hdi hdmi dvi vga component y/c composite to streaming

Data: Data systems, cloud storage, analysis

Voice: From the old pot’s lines, voice over ip and web based systems

Networks: Cabling, standard data, secured ip, wireless networks

Teleconferencing: Codec based, ip based, web based to pirate communications

Telecommunication: Uplinks, satellite, microware, antenna towers to broadcast

CCTV: Cabling, close circuit monitoring, security, matv, plant based tv

RF Systems: Cabling, rf networks, re-modulation, distribution

Access Control: Analog and ip based full systems access control and monitoring

Programming: AMX – Creston – BiAmp – BSS – App – IPad

Managed Systems: Onsite and off-site systems operations and control

Personnel: Our personnel service provides qualified, background and tested experts.


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