Service Agreements

For the last 25 year Noslar has been providing technical service support via annual service agreements.  We have a history and list of clients in Texas that have trusted us since our inception. The level of support varies by industry and client needs.
This type of service yields major cost benefits. Our service agreements will provide the following advantages and the main objective is to maintain your system/s in a constant operational mode, calibrated, well tuned and functional:


Scheduled Maintenance

  • Technician and Engineer assigned to customer
  • Corrective maintenance program.
  • Quarterly preventive maintenance program.


Emergency Calls

  • Priority


Phone Support Program

  • Phone support within two hours or via emails
  • Technical advice.


Priority on Unscheduled Service Calls

This service agreement will reduce your operating cost, because of its plain and simple cost effectiveness. Besides the above outlined advantages and the ability to produce a service budget projection for your department, this agreement simulates an in?house engineer and technician.  Let’s review some of the hidden cost saving benefits:

  • Savings on Engineering and Technical Support.?60~80K per year.
  • Savings on test equipment, manuals, test gigs, training 10?80K
  • Savings by reducing regular and unexpected downtime (no one can even estimate the expense).
  • Savings on resale of quality specified equipment.
  • Savings by extending the usable life of your equipment (get your monies worth).
  • Savings by obtaining free expert and otherwise expensive advice.
  • Savings by not maintaining erroneous inventories.
  • Budget development and projection.


What is a Covered Repair Under This Service Contract

  • All equipment listed the Equipment Sheet by Model Number and Serial Number.
  • Equipment that has failed under normal working conditions.
  • Replacement or rental equipment if item cannot be repaired within 24 hours.


What is Not Covered Under This Service Contract

  • Equipment not listed on the Equipment Sheet.
  • Equipment that has been used other than in a normal operating condition or environment.
  • Equipment that has failed due to a catastrophic failure, power surges.
  • Expendable items such as batteries, lamps, bulbs are not covered.
  • Cosmetic damage to equipment that does not affect the normal operation of the unit.


What to do When a Covered Piece of Equipment Fails or Needs Repairs

  • During normal business hours and weekdays, call our office or assigned cell phones to arrange a service call.
  • If after hours, weekends, or holidays and you need immediate assistance contact us via cell phones.
  • We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange repairs. Emergency or Holiday rates will apply to this type of service.


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