Digital signage uses  LCD, LED and Projection to display multiple content types including digital idigital signage video systemmages, video, streaming media, and information. They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings, etc., to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising. Digital Signage has replaced a lot of print and messaging boards.

These visual displays can be stand-alone or networked.
In the stand-alone mode these displays can be a single message (like a poster), an active or interactive message via power point, html or a special active visual software. The software or display engine can be either thru a digital signage box, a dedicated computer or, in some cases a USB drive. These engines can be controlled via an IP address or strictly dedicated to that display.

In Networked or multi-unit mode you can harness the power of your existing IP network to push content to multiple displays all at once. All the displays can run independently, or be tightly synced for immersive user experience (in a museum for example)
The display can be mounted in a landscape, portrait, video wall or artistic angle mode; and can be any physical size that meets your needs and budget.

The information that you can display using digital signage is limited only by your imagination: announcements, menus, directions, instructions, looped safety training, advertisements, and emergency information are only a short list of roles they can fill.
The information that you display can either be static (the same all the time or following a preset schedule), or it can be dynamic (live weather feeds, twitter feeds, even streaming feeds from IP cameras, and live TV) OR you can mix and match any and all of these content types!

Potential display configuration at a scheduled time with scheduled information and messages.


Full Screen Two Partitions Three Partitions Four Partition
Stagnate Image Upper Screen Large Left Large Left
Live Video/Power Point Scrolling Information Upper Right Upper Right
    Lower Right Lower Right
      Scrolling Information





Geo-fencing is an option with many digital signage applications. Automatically the sign can connect with mobile devices that enter the defined fenced perimeter around the digital sign, allowing you to send them specific 

Digital Signage Noslar-2


information, like coupons or notifications of promotions.
With the right choices, digital signage can be a local affair, or can be networked globally to standardize the look and feel of all the graphic elements for a company, university, or any other enterprise with multiple buildings or locations – drastically reducing the personnel needs of maintaining multiple stand-alone units across a large environment.
Digital signage is here to stay and is an excellent eye-catching method of communicating your message in a fast-paced and ever-changing world.



All of these displays can be networked locally or remotely.


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